How Best to Clean and Maintain your Fireplace at Home

The fireplace is a very beautiful aspect in a house. The work of a fireplace revolves around fire and smoke which in turn makes it vulnerable It is therefore important that you do regular cleaning and maintenance of the fireplace to ensure that it works efficiently every day. There are a lot of factors needed to ensure that cleaning is done in the best way possible. Cleaning is best done 24hours after one burnt his/her last fire, this ensures that the get enough time to cool to the maximum.

Precaution is crucial before starting any cleaning process. Creosote dust being very harmful, it is important that before cleaning one puts on a respirator. Apart from creosote being combustible hence affecting the chimney it is also harmful to the human respiratory system. An apron is also important in the sense that it helps protect one from dirtying their clothes in the dusting process. There is the risk of getting prick or hurt while doing Fireplace Cleaning Raleigh NC , to avoid this it is good that one puts on gloves. Always remember to inspect the bricks. Replacing weak bricks if noted or cementing them help to endure much heat. The damper is supposed to be checked on a regular basis so as to bring about safety and ensure that the energy conservation of the fireplace is at its best.

It is not hectic to clean up the fireplace. First situate yourself on a kneeling pad and remove all the remaining logs from the fireplace and dump in a trash bin. Coffee ground can be used to minimize flyaways just by spilling a little of it on the floor. The best way to clean the walls of a fireplace is using a stiff brush. For bricks more than 50years old use only water, clean with a scrub brush then use a soft cloth to dry. The chimney cap should also be wiped clean and ensured that it is functioning well since it prevents animals, rainwater, leaves and debris out of the chimney. The advantage of the mesh is that it acts as a spark arrester and should therefore be regularly dusted and wiped.

Tools are necessary for a next fireplace and Wood Stove Cleaning Durham NC they should therefore be cleaned, sprayed with a hearth cleaner and keeping them safe after drying. The logs for the next burn can be well arranged in the fireplace and the trash bin cleared.

The fireplace glitters so beautifully as if it is nature's best gift. It is very important to keep the fireplace simple and out of danger. Regular cleaning of the fireplace and constant construction checkup is important. Once in a while it is the best of ideas to always let a specialist inspect the fireplace even if at most times you will be doing the cleaning yourself.